The Nanox window filter as a product is actually a dense web of nano-fibers that are 1000 times smaller than human hair. Nano fibers are extremely solid and form a durable structure that retains even the smallest particles in the air.

By installing the Nanox filter on the window, it provides complete protection against PM particles, allergens, dust, smog, bacteria threatening human health.

Wide open

The Nanox Filter transforms the ordinary window into an air purifier, which leaves an incredible percentage of unwanted particles outside your home, and at the same time, the oxygen atoms, that are small enough, are let in.

The Nanox filter provides an open window and natural ventilation of the rooms you are staying in, which is an important factor in the health of each individual.


All season

Nano technology has created a multifunctional product that is practical all year round and offers a range of benefits:

– Protects against insects, and is far more resistant to weather conditions than the normal mosquito net

– Prevents UV rays

– It is completely waterproof

– Stops the pollen and other types of allergens, making it irreplaceable in the spring

– Protects against dust and bacteria that are present year-round, making it an indispensable factor for keeping a room clean

– Protects against all kinds of harmful particles, especially in winter when their intensity is worryingly high

– To some extent, it reduces the intensity of external noise

Nanox window filter offers you a new level of protection.


Nanox is the result of our collaboration with Respilon, a European manufacturer and global leader in quality window filters. Air permeability is the most important feature of the product, besides the high level of protection against unwanted particles and the quality of the material for its production and durability.

Compared to popular room air purifiers or “air cleaners” that process stale air back into the room, the Nanox filter provides natural air flow and ventilation of the room, which is invaluable to the health of each individual.

Long life

The advanced technology and materials used in the manufacturing process of this technologically advanced product guarantee its longevity. The product is made up of 100% recyclable materials, making it an environmentally friendly product that does not pollute the environment.

Nanox window filter is recommended in:

– Cities and areas where environmental pollution is high.

– Buildings near construction sites

– Buildings near streets and boulevards

– Buildings near waste disposal sites

– All kinds of health institutions (hospitals, clinics,  …)

– All kinds of educational institutions (kindergartens, schools,  …)

– All homes and workplaces in polluted areas.

This product is indispensable for rooms for pregnant women, children and newborns, people with respiratory diseases, the elderly, but also for all chronically ill people.

Maintenance instructions

– It is advisable to clean the filter if it has visible layers of dirt

– The filter can be fully immersed in water at a temperature of 40 C

– The filter can be sprayed with a gentle jet at a 45 degree angle

– The filter can be gently wiped with a soft cloth, but without pressure on the filter to prevent damage

– According to European standards, the manufacturer recommends that the filter be replaced with a new one within 5 years.

– If you want to change the filter with a new one, contact the company that installed it

– If you damage or tear the filter, do not use different types of adhesives, but contact the company that installed it

– Do not smoke near the filter

– Do not burn the filter

– Do not use a brush or sponge to clean the filter, it may damage the structure.

Mounting methods

Nanox window filter can be mounted on your window in several ways:

– Fixed frame

– Hinged opening frame

– Sliding frame

– Roll system


The Nanox filter is also available in combination with all types of materials from which mounting profiles are made:

– PVC profiles

– Metal profiles

– Aluminum profiles

The profiles are available in many colors and sizes


For installation of the Nanox filter, we recommend that you contact us at the mail address, or tel. number +38970330703.

Nanox team is the exclusive importer of window filter and distributes it to its associates throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, in order to make the product as close as possible to the end users.

The list of affiliates that work with Nanox, where you can view and get further information on the product is available on the site in the main menu under the name of the affiliate list, and immediately below.